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San Diego Chargers file for relocation to Los Angeles

Not unexpectedly, the San Diego Chargers applied for relocation to Los Angeles today, on the first day that they could.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier tonight, the San Diego Chargers chose to announce that they had filed for relocation by posting a press release on their website along with an interview of Dean Spanos by an employee of Dean Spanos, during which Dean Spanos says a lot of things that we have already heard Mark Fabiani (Dean Spanos' Special Counsel) say time and time again in the local media.

Here's what the press release says:

Today the San Diego Chargers submitted to the National Football League the team's application to relocate to Los Angeles.

We have tried for more than 14 years, through nine separate proposals and seven different mayors, to create a world-class stadium experience for fans in San Diego. Despite these efforts, there is still no certain, actionable solution to the stadium problem. We are sad to have reached this point.

What happens next is in the hands of the NFL's owners, who will meet in Houston on January 12-13. The Chargers have pledged from the outset to respect whatever decision the League ownership makes.

Early rumors and reports said that the Chargers would file for relocation in tandem with the Oakland Raiders, but nothing in the video or press release say as such.