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San Diego Chargers announce six coaches fired

We already knew that the San Diego Chargers had fired their Offensive Coordinator. Now we can add five more coaches to the burning wreckage that is the 2015 Chargers season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers announced Monday that six coaches will not return for the 2016 season. They include Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich, Offensive Line Coach Joe D'Alessandris, Tight Ends Coach Pete Metzelaars, Wide Receivers Coach Fred Graves, Defensive Line Coach Don Johnson and Assistant Offensive Line Coach Andrew Dees.

That leaves a few coaches safe, including Defensive Coordinator John Pagano and LB coach Mike Nolan.

What does this mean for the future of the team? The 2016 Chargers? It means that, quite simply, the team is still believing their own bullshit while also kowtowing to media pressure.

John Spanos and Tom Telesco believe that injuries, most notably to the offensive line, are the reason that Mike McCoy couldn't find a way to win more than 5 of its last 20 regular season games. However, that excuse doesn't work in saving the job of the Offensive Line Coach.

Also, Frank Reich's scheme and playcall were bad enough to get him fired, but also the blame has to be spread around to the TE coach and the WR coach, for some reason.

The Chargers are doing a lot of scrambling and getting absolutely nowhere. At least now they have some holes to fill to keep them busy while they wait to find out where they'll be playing football next year.