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REPORT: San Diego Chargers fire Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich

With Mike McCoy being retained to coach the Chargers in 2016, Frank Reich has been let go as the first of what could be many changes.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McCoy avoided the chopping block but that doesn't mean changes aren't coming. It appears the first change has been made.

This is an unsurprising move if true. Yes there were injuries, however this offense saw a big decline with the departure of Ken Whisenhunt. A change needed to be made and if it wasn't McCoy, it will likely be almost everyone, if not everyone, else. With that said, there will be more changes coming during the course of this week to the Chargers' staff.

I think Jerome speaks for most of us when he says:

Who is next? John Pagano? Coach Joe D? Maybe some of the strength and conditioning staff? Guess we will all find out soon.