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San Diego Chargers will bring back Mike McCoy for 2016

Well, even this miserable season wasn't enough to get rid of Mike McCoy.

The San Diego Chargers made it official today. Head coach Mike McCoy will be returning for the 2016 NFL season. John and Dean Spanos just couldn't pull the trigger and we'll be subjected to yet another year of incompetent coaching.

Mike McCoy's record as the Chargers head coach has been a mediocre 22-26. He is the ninth coach in franchise history to coach at least 48 games and is the fourth of that group to do so with a losing record (Mike Riley, Dan Henning, and Tommy Prothro are the other three).

McCoy's tenure has been most notable for his absurdly conservative 4th down decision making. Few coaches at any level are as willing to punt from the opponent's side of the field, and literally not one single person on this planet is as happy about kicking field goals on 4th and short.

You have to hope that maybe changing coordinators will be enough to save the Chargers from McCoy's mismanagement, but Chargers fans won't be holding their breath.