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No, the San Diego Chargers can't get Calvin Johnson

The Detroit Lions star WR has reportedly told the team, along with his family and friends, that he plans to retire. This does not mean that the San Diego Chargers can sign or trade for him.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When a big-name player, one that is known to San Diego Chargers fans despite not playing on the San Diego Chargers or even in the AFC West, is released by an NFL team, the twitter mentions, direct messages, and e-mails start flooding in.

Chargers fans know this guy, he must be great, and so they want the Chargers to go and sign this guy.

Today, the news came out that Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson has told the team that he is planning to retire at 30 years old despite the four years left on his contract that would make him one of the highest paid WRs in the league for each of those seasons.

Since the news broke, Chargers fans have been pining for the perennial All-Pro. Here are a couple of the tweets.

Before this ball gets rolling, let me just explain that this won't be happening.

Yes, the Chargers have a need at WR. No, they can't get Calvin Johnson.

For one, Calvin Johnson will be retired. If he wants to unretire, the Lions own his rights for the next four seasons that he wants to play in the NFL.

If the Lions were to trade him, it would be an immediate hit of $25 million to their salary cap, all but crippling them.

Even if Calvin Johnson wanted to keep playing, and even if he wanted to play for the Chargers and no other team, this still doesn't have a chance of hell of happening.

Sorry, everybody. Let's keep our dreams realistic, shall we?