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Five Broncos Questions with Mile High Report

sadaraine from Mile High Report stops by before today's game between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos to answer questions and preview the game.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

What does this game mean for the Denver Broncos this season?

Can we handle our business? This team has a superb defense. It has a sub-par offense that is finding its way. Nevertheless, with the level of play the defense has been putting on the field all season long, you expect a good team like Denver to handle a bad team like San Diego (no offense intended of course...we are what our records say we are after all).

If we win this game as we should, our team gets two precious weeks before their first playoff game. We have had some terrible injury luck this year and that bye week means a lot to our chances moving forward. We also get at least one home game and that also is big to this team given our ability to play in tough environments.

Can we say definitively (or not) that getting rid of John Fox for Gary Kubiak was the right move, or is that entirely dependent on the playoffs?

It was definitely the right move. Many of us at MHR said when we hired John Fox that he was the right guy to right the ship, but he isn't the kind of coach that you win championships with. I stand by that. Fox mailed it in in the playoffs last year. The year before that he played the Super Bowl on hubris and "do what we do" instead of adjusting at any point for the opponent. He also is an easy-going coach who doesn't instill fire in his team.

Kubiak is in many ways still a conservative coach scheme-wise much like Fox, but he does adjust in game and between games at times (though I'd still like to see more than what we have out of him at times this season). The big difference though is that Kubiak brings fire to the team. He has a passion to win. He, unlike his counterpart Fox does NOT live by the mantra, "It is what it is."

If you were Mike McCoy, what would be your gameplan for trying to beat the Broncos (and maybe save your job!) this week?

On defense: cover 2 and cover 3 looks with a sprinkle of disguised shifts to man coverage with blitzes underneath to try to create turnovers. Osweiler is a young QB and has trouble reading zones quickly. Keep the offense in front of you to slow down the run and go for turnovers.

On offense: Let Phillip Rivers off the chain. He's a great QB. Let him work with you to draw up a game plan that gives him lots of options. Attack the middle of the field especially and challenge the coverage discipline of the safeties, especially Bush when he subs in.

What will the weather be like on Sunday and will if have an effect on the game? (Asking for me, a San Diegan that doesn't own a winter coat but will be in the crowd for this game.)

It should be perfect football weather for a winter game, honestly. Low 40s with a low wind. I expect the Chargers to be cold, but not uncomfortably so. We should get to see the best out of our teams which I honestly think helps San Diego more than Denver since they rely more on their passing attack.

Obligatory score prediction.

Denver should get this done the right way. I think we'll be close at half time, but will pull away in the 2nd half. Denver 34, San Diego 17