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Chargers expect a deal with Rams this week

The San Diego Chargers are expected to have a deal from the Los Angeles Rams on the table and a place to play in L.A. in 2016 by the end of this week. Here's why it won't matter.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was one piece of new news that came out this morning, but it's not real news. It's fake news.

Are you ready? Here it is:

"Their goal is the end of this week," a source said Wednesday night, referring to the Chargers.

The person, who is not directly involved in the negotiations between representatives of both teams but has intimate knowledge of the proceedings, also said it appears moving to Los Angeles "is what they want to do. That's where ... it's headed."


However, immediately after that sentence, Kevin Acee followed this morning's trend of providing hope for San Diego.....

However, that person and others close to the situation continue to question whether Chargers chairman Dean Spanos’ heart is truly in a move and, thus, whether he and his siblings will actually execute the decision to uproot the franchise from its home of 55 years.

"I believe Dean will be very, very unhappy in Los Angeles," said one NFL source, echoing a sentiment shared by others around the league. At least one of Spanos’ fellow team owners has voiced that belief to Spanos in the past two weeks.

Everyone says that the Chargers and Rams will have a deal, and everyone seems convinced that the USC board will vote to allow two NFL teams to join the Trojans at the Coliseum in 2016 if they want, but nobody seems at all convinced that the San Diego Chargers will be the Los Angeles Chargers this year.

Why? Because this is working out exactly like all of the smart people thought it would.

Dean Spanos (and Mark Fabiani) are building a wall of leverage that the Mayor of San Diego won't be able to get around. There will be no negotiations. There will be an offer, from the Chargers to San Diego. "Give us what we want, or we leave."

And then, the fate of the San Diego Chargers will be in the hands of the Mayor of San Diego. It gives Dean Spanos a scapegoat if he leaves town, and it gives him everything he wants if he stays.

Don't trust the rumors, trust the smart people.