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Chargers Name Former Safety Chris Harris as Assistant DB Coach

Former Bears, Panthers, Lions and Jaguars safety Chris Harris has joined the coaching staff of the San Diego Chargers.

Not this Chris Harris. A different Chris Harris.
Not this Chris Harris. A different Chris Harris.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


I guess news is news, and it's always good to have former players on the coaching staff.

Chris Harris was a 6th round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, and ended up playing eight NFL seasons for four different teams. He finished his career with 88 starts, 365 tackles, and 16 interceptions.

He'll be just part of the team tasked with keeping the San Diego Chargers secondary together after the eventual loss of Eric Weddle to free agency. Not an easy task, for sure.

The Chargers coaching staff has gotten a bit of an overhaul, at least at the lower rungs, after finishing the season 4-12. Whether they made enough moves to turn this team around is anyone's guess, and will probably determine the fate of Mike McCoy and most of the coaching staff beyond this year.