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Dean Spanos returns the Mayor's call

After news broke on Tuesday that the Chargers weren't immediately relocating, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer reached out to Dean Spanos. Spanos finally returned that call.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

On Tuesday the league voted to approve the Rams relocating (back) to Los Angeles. They also approved the Chargers to have the option to move to the Inglewood site with the Rams, however they also promised an extra "free" $100 million if the team stays in San Diego.

After hearing that news the Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, called the Chargers owner Dean Spanos to let him know the City still stands ready to negotiate the stadium issue. Dean did not immediately return that call.

Dean took Wednesday to be alone with his thoughts, then on Thursday, according to the following tweet by Kevin Acee of the Union Tribune, Dean called back and had a brief conversation with the Mayor.

In the article Acee includes some pretty positive quotes from Faulconer.

"I said very clearly to him I would welcome the opportunity to get together at his earliest convenience," Faulconer said Friday morning. "I told him we can discuss a variety of different options on how to move forward." - Acee

I think Faulconer is, at least based on his public statements, taking the best approach to this that he can now. Forget what was done in the last year, Faulconer now seems focused to at very least have some honest discussions. He also has repeated multiple times that while their Mission Valley plan is still what they would prefer, they are open to hear any and all other options the Chargers want to discuss.

Acee also mentions that Mark Fabiani has been in contact with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

While this is not a huge development, especially considering they did not officially set a time and place to speak next, I do think it is a positive step. When you combine this interaction with the fact that Roger Goodell called Faulconer on Wednesday morning to offer assistance in this process, I think it's fair to assume there is certainly still some hope left in this mess for San Diego to keep the Chargers.