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REPORT: Chargers get approval to join Rams in L.A.

The San Diego Chargers have been given permission, along with the St. Louis Rams, to move to Los Angeles. However, the Chargers' approval may hold some restrictions.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So, it's done....right? Finally?

Not a chance.

It's over for the Rams, and it's over for St. Louis. Hell, it might even be over for the Oakland Raiders, but they'll likely get some sort of payout for being the odd team out.

For the Chargers, it sounds as though they'll be asked to come back and work on a deal with the city of San Diego. They'll try to get a stadium deal done (and they have reportedly already decided on Cory Briggs' citizens initiative and a downtown NFL stadium) in San Diego, with their fallback option being that they could join Stan Kroenke and the Rams in Inglewood.

This eliminates the issue of finding more than one temporary venue, and it gives San Diego the time to get a deal/vote done without the Chargers losing negotiating leverage.

Stay tuned for more as it comes in.

This is probably a best-case scenario, although it means at least another year of harsh public negotiations between Mark Fabiani and Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Before you scream, remember that it also probably means Philip Rivers is a "San Diego Charger" next year and probably for the remainder of his contract.