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After 1st vote, NFL owners at stalemate over Los Angeles

The owners may be on the side of Dean Spanos, but they sent him a very clear message with the first vote on Los Angeles relocation.

Kent Horner/Getty Images


So, despite a recommendation from the Los Angeles Relocation Committee (and, presumably, the five votes that went with the recommendation), Dean Spanos still wasn't able to close the deal on his Carson stadium project with the Oakland Raiders.

Might this be the owners' way of telling Dean Spanos that, to win this vote, he needs to partner up the San Diego Chargers with the St. Louis Rams?

It sounds as though Dean Spanos may have gotten a little too arrogant, or a little too strong in his position on Carson (or his position against Stan Kroenke), and that the other owners are starting to consider options that don't include Spanos in Los Angeles.

It's interesting to note that, of the two projects being voted on, the Chargers are only officially attached to one of them. The Inglewood project could allow for the Rams to move this year and a team to follow later on, if they can not get a deal done in their home markets. Obviously, for San Diego, this is the option we would want to win.