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REPORT: L.A. Committee Recommends Carson Stadium Project

According to Sports Business Daily, the six-owner committee in charge of making a recommendation to the other NFL owners have decided on the Carson stadium project.

It would appear that Dean Spanos is a very good politician.

Despite having the worst fanbase in Los Angeles of the three teams vying to move there, and possibly having the least amount of money of the three owners, Dean Spanos is running things. This is probably the result of him being the longest-tenured owner of any of the three.

Yesterday, the report was that the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams would partner up in Inglewood. In fact, there are still many reports that the owners favor that plan over any others. However, Dean Spanos doesn't want that. He doesn't trust Stan Kroenke and doesn't want to partner up with him, and furthermore, he's told reporters that he hates the Inglewood location/stadium project.

Today, Sports Business Daily reports that the six-owner committee that was put together by Roger Goodell to make a formal recommendation to the other owners have decided on the Carson stadium project. Presumably, with the Chargers and the Oakland Raiders as the two tenants of the stadium, since it is their project.

Whatever Dean Spanos wants, Dean Spanos gets.

It's worth noting that the vote has not yet happened, and this doesn't guarantee anything, but it would be pretty amazing if a majority of the owners ignored the recommendation of some serious heavy-hitters in the industry.