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Dean Spanos: "I've said everything that I have to say."

Dean Spanos was caught arriving in Houston for the NFL Owners' Meeting and is seemingly ready to move on from San Diego.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Marty Caswell from The Mighty 1090 is, along with the rest of the San Diego sports media, in Houston today awaiting for word on the future of the San Diego Chargers.

While waiting in the lobby, she managed to catch Chargers owner Dean Spanos walking in and talked with him (and recorded some of his conversation with Kevin Acee).

Check it out here:

Dean saying, "I've said everything that I have to say," is a bit of a slap in the face of San Diego and San Diegans that have supported the Chargers for decades, but what else is new?

Dean's not wrong, either. He has said everything that he had to say to try to convince the league that San Diego doesn't deserve to have an NFL team, and/or to convince them that he has done everything in his power to make San Diego work before giving up on the city and heading for Los Angeles.

That's absurd, of course, but what do you really expect from Dean? He's terrified of talking in public unless Mark Fabiani is doing his speaking for him, which explains why Dean's only public interview was done by a Chargers employee, so he was going to say whatever he could to get out of the interview as quickly as possible.

Today sucks.