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The San Diego Chargers Depth Chart is No Longer Trash

Good job, San Diego Chargers front office. You have built a hell of a football team for the 2015 NFL season, and it's time to bask in the glory.

Well, well, well, it looks like someone has been reading my internet musings...

(I kid, this was a long time coming.)

Finally, the San Diego Chargers depth chart is....well, it's not perfect. They still list 12 starters, including David Johnson. That's weird.

However, because the NFL doesn't screw around when it comes to the regular season, the team has finally moved D.J. Fluker over to his natural position of Guard and listed Joe Barksdale as the starter at Right Tackle.

This is not trash. This is a depth chart that you can be proud of.

By moving Fluker, and by keeping Josh Lambo over Nick Novak, Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco have shown that they value winning over stubbornness. Seriously, that's a huge success for those guys. I am very proud of them both. The more of that I see from them (next up, going for it on 4th down!), the more confident I'll be about the San Diego Chargers' chances of winning meaningful football games in the future.