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San Diego Chargers Practice Squad: QB Brad Sorensen is back!

Although he took a little longer than the other seven, Brad Sorensen makes it either Chargers that were cut yesterday and added to the team's practice squad today.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we knew the San Diego Chargers were going to have to add a QB with one of the three remaining slots they had left on their practice squad and now we know which guy that's going to be.

Don't call it a comeback, Brad Sorensen has been here for years. Literally, the team drafted him more than two years ago and he's been third on the depth chart ever since. He still technically is, but now he'll be doing that job from the practice squad (just like last year).

While we the fans might concern ourselves an awful lot with the QBs who sit behind Philip Rivers, the team never seems all that concerned. They have their backup with starting experience (Kellen Clemens) and their third-string guy that everyone likes enough (Sorensen) and that's all they need.

Two spots left on the practice squad.