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San Diego Chargers Announce Most of 2015 Practice Squad

The San Diego Chargers have filled 7 of the 10 spots on their practice squad with guys that were cut from the official team roster yesterday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

A bit creatively, the San Diego Chargers have announced the players that have been signed to their practice squad, but with a few signings left. Here is the list of seven that is up on

  • DB Greg Ducre
  • WR Javontee Herndon
  • G Michael Huey
  • LB Ryan Mueller
  • DB Adrian Phillips
  • RB Dreamius Smith
  • NT Damion Square

This will make Chargers fans happy, because each of these guys was with the team yesterday morning and each one has undoubtedly made some fans throughout Training Camp and the preseason.

In particular, I am glad to see that Javontee Herndon made it through waivers. While he is a raw receiver, I liked what he showed as a potential return specialist, should Jacoby Jones get injured.

In all likelihood, these are the seven guys that the Chargers had the most difficult time cutting. I'm guessing that the final three spots will be filled with guys that were cut by other teams yesterday and were able to clear waivers, so stick around for more news.

Keep it locked to BFTB, as we'll keep you informed as soon as we find out who those last three guys are.