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San Diego Chargers Practice Squad: S Adrian Phillips added

The San Diego Chargers have plenty of Safety depth, but they really seem to like Adrian Phillips, so they're keeping him around as a part of their practice squad.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here's another one that was already with the San Diego Chargers yesterday, didn't make the 53-man roster, but is being retained as a part of the team's practice squad:

This is the same old song and dance for Adrian Phillips, who signed with the Chargers as an undrafted free agent last season before being cut and added to the practice squad.

Phillips actually got to play in a game last season, against the Dolphins, and recorded a sack. However, he was released the next day and added back to the practice squad. A few weeks later he was cut from the practice squad and then re-added a few days after that. I'm sure that he's at least hoping to stay with the squad the entire season, but it won't be surprising if he ends up mimicking last season.