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San Diego Chargers Practice Squad: Dreamius Smith, Ryan Mueller added

The San Diego Chargers have begun the process of building their 10-man practice squad by signing back two guys that were cut yesterday.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was roster cut-down day for the San Diego Chargers, and today we get to see which of those guys they really didn't want to cut. They'll be building a 10-man practice squad (made up of players that have never been active for 6 games in any single season, as per the rules), and they've already begun.

Dreamius Smith also posted to his Instagram, confirming that he will be a part of the Chargers practice squad.

Ryan Mueller impressed during his time at Training Camp and in the preseason, and whether or not he gets the call up to the team depends only on how healthy the team's Outside Linebacker group can stay.