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San Diego Chargers Have Waived QB Brad Sorensen

Chargers waive third year QB Brad Sorensen; only two left on the roster.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Chargers will have the same QB group as last year as QB Brad Sorensen has been waived.

Brad Sorensen was a seventh round pick for the Chargers in 2013. After being part of the roster cuts for the 2014 season, he spent part of 2014 with Chargers former offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee. Released from the Titans practice squad in December of 2014, he returned to San Diego for the remainder of the season.

Some fans favored him making the roster over Kellen Clemens, but Clemens will again be the backup QB to Philip Rivers for the 2015 season. Brad Sorensen could still be placed on the practice squad should the team choose to do so. And he is definitely a candidate.