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San Diego Chargers Roster Cuts: Kicker Nick Novak Released

Josh Lambo is the winner of the kicking competition, as the San Diego Chargers have reportedly released starting kicker Nick Novak.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go....

It appears that Josh Lambo has won the job of starting kicker for the San Diego Chargers over incumbent Nick Novak.

Novak has a great history of accuracy since joining the Chargers, but doesn't have the strongest leg in the league....or even on the team.

While Lambo seemed to struggle with accuracy early on in Training Camp, he came through in preseason action and offered the extra benefit of being able to kick it in from 50+ while also booting kickoffs into the opposing end zone with ease.

A former first round pick for FC Dallas of the MLS, Lambo is a former goalkeeper that turned himself into a kicker, joining the Texas A&M squad at 21 years old. He was signed by the Chargers as an undrafted free agent, and now has an awful lot to live up to as a starting rookie kicker in the NFL.