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San Diego Chargers Roster Cuts: Pettis, Wiggins, Crawford are gone

The San Diego Chargers have begun the process of trimming down the roster before today's 53-man roster deadline.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers need to trip 22 names off of their roster by this afternoon, taking the total size of the roster from 75 down to 53. They started the process last night by cutting WR Austin Pettis, OL Kenny Wiggins, and CB Richard Crawford.

Pettis looked good in the practices that I saw, but never really made an impact in plenty of preseason action. Part of this was probably common courtesy, as he'll benefit more by being some other team's #4 receiver than he would by being the Chargers' #6 receiver. With the depth San Diego has at WR, those last two spots should really be for a young prospect and a kick returner (Jacoby Jones).

I liked Wiggins all through camp and the preseason. The kid showed tremendous versatility, but when it comes to be being a backup offensive lineman, the coaches tend to go with their gut over anything else.

Richard Crawford had about as bad of a preseason as anyone, and couldn't make up for it with his interception returned to a touchdown against the 49ers.

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