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Mike McCoy: It’s Time to Change the Message

Whatever Head Coach Mike McCoy and this coaching is selling, these San Diego Chargers players are just not buying right now.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Can I call you Mike? No? Ok, Coach McCoy, I know there are a lot things you do to switch up the gameplan week in and week out to help this team but you know it starts with the message being delivered. It doesn't matter what you or the other coaches are saying to these players so far this season because it isn't effective. The Chargers haven't had a lead in the first quarter since Week 11 of last year; this team continues to begin games uninspired and has played a good quarter and a half of the first 12 quarters of the 2015 season. It's time to change up the message in the Chargers locker room.

This season isn't over but it needs to get turned around fast. Whether it's a vocal leader on the team or somebody from the outside, this team needs a new message and most likely have it delivered from somebody else. I wouldnt be surprised if the message is as milquetoast as the gameplan every Sunday? Or as lifeless as the answers are to the media? Time for somebody to motivate somebody and this not how it gets done.

You've officially jumped the shark. Why not grab that football and bury it a la Tony Sparano? You know you're becoming a walking cliché, right? "We Want Our Best 53", "Do What's Best For This Football Team", "Take Care of the Football", "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose." Maybe not the last one but who's ready to go to war with a guy like that? Carrying that ball around is clown shoes and while ball security is an issue, there are a lot more problems that need to be addressed.

You could make the argument the players weren't fully invested since voluntary workouts when players ran to the media and reported the speech you made about "moving on from Eric Weddle" when he didn't show up for team workouts. Regardless, whether it's from you (which I wouldn't doubt) or not, it's time to change the message and light a fire under this team. It sure as hell doesn't start with bringing a football to a press conference like it's your preschool show and tell, which even kids that age don't think is cool. Enough already.

You don't need to summon the spirit of Knute Rockne, Coach Dale or even Gordon Bombay and give an epic speech to rally the troops but rather make a small adjustment to help arouse a more respectable performance in the next coming weeks. Drop the cute act with the football, change the message and start motivating your guys because right now, and I'll put it in a cliche you might like, "nobody's playing with any passion or fire."