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San Diego Chargers sign Center J.D. Walton

The San Diego Chargers continued to add more depth to their offensive line this afternoon by signing veteran Center J.D. Walton.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This is big news!

Normally, when the San Diego Chargers sign an offensive lineman off the street, you're hoping that the guy never makes it into the game. It's usually some career backup or a rookie that's never really played before. J.D. Walton is neither of those things.

In fact, J.D. Walton was Mike McCoy's starting center for two seasons with the Denver Broncos (both the Tim Tebow year and the Peyton Manning year). He spent last season starting all 16 games at center for Eli Manning and the New York Giants. This is a guy that, if all things were fair, might have a shot at stealing the Chargers' starting Center spot.

For now, he'll be a backup for Trevor Robinson, while Chris Watt recovers from a groin injury. Still, it's a bit surprising that Walton (who was in Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins) was available at all.