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INJURY NEWS: San Diego Chargers finally place Johnnie Troutman on IR

The San Diego Chargers are now valuing healthy players over injured one, which means it's time for Johnnie Troutman to finally be put on IR. This is the second season (out of four) that he will miss due to injury.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


I expected the San Diego Chargers to put Johnnie Troutman and Tourek Williams on the Reserved-Injured list at the end of training camp so that they wouldn't take up 2 of the 53 open roster spots. At the very least, I expected one of them to be put on IR and designated for a possible return halfway through the season.

Instead, both guys stayed on, the Chargers struggled to maintain depth along the way, and now the Chargers are finally giving in to what made sense a few weeks ago by putting Troutman on IR.

Yes, this is/was dumb. This is/was dumber than having Donald Brown on the roster.

Kyle Miller, who was just signed because Ladarius Green wasn't going to be able to play this last week, has also been waived. That's to be expected.

The Chargers roster now sits at 51. You can expect a Cornerback and an Offensive Lineman to be signed in the next 24 hours.