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FILM STUDY: San Diego Chargers lose to Minnesota Vikings, 1st Quarter

We go back to Sunday's game and look a little deeper to find out how the San Diego Chargers lost to the Minnesota Vikings.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor's Note: There are a lot of Vines below. To keep your computer from slowing down too much, we're breaking down each post by quarter.)

First Quarter

Jerry Attaochu beats block, combines with Donald Butler for the run stop.

Jerry Attaochu gets down LOS, and Corey Liuget gets off block to stuff run.

Jerry Attaochu and Kendall Reyes pass rush forces bad throw on third down.

Kendall Reyes gets pancaked which opens hole for Adrian Peterson.

Chargers rush 5, get no pressure.

Kendall Reyes QB hit.

Good job by Steve Williams locating the ball to make interception.

Danny Woodhead with the catch out of the slot, a play the Chargers should incorporate more. Wes Welker made a living with these.

Good vision shown by Melvin Gordon to see the hole.

Harrison Smith beats Danny Woodhead to the spot and stops Gordon on third and short.

Might want to put more than one guy on Darrell Stuckey

While it is difficult to rotate your body so quickly, this is a play Patrick Robinson should've made, and would've most likely been a TD.

Quick read by Melvin Ingram.

Great job by the defense hustling to the ball.

Danny Woodhead pass protection.

Jimmy Wilson and Ryan Carrethers stuff the run.

Melvin Ingram blows up play.

Keenan Allen juke.

Harrison Smith beating a Charger to the spot again.