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Bolts Brown Bag: Everything is Awful

Eat your lunch at your desk with John and Ben as they break down the San Diego Chargers' loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Blah blah blah. You're not here for my writing, you're here for the link to the webcast (which starts at 12:30pm PT).

Click here to watch this week's Bolts Brown Bag

Full warning: This one may get a bit depressing. There is no good way to enjoy a half hour of talking about the San Diego Chargers when they look as bad as they did against the Minnesota Vikings yesterday.

That being said, Ben and I always have fun, so maybe we'll find a way to cheer you up through our wit and charm. Also, I am wearing a special outfit for today's Bolts Brown Bag that is not to be missed!

In addition to using the comments section below to pepper us with questions that we will hopefully have time to get to, use it for feedback! Let us know what you like about Bolts Brown Bag, what you don't like, and how we can make the show better.