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HALFTIME: San Diego Chargers trail Minnesota Vikings 10-7

Both offenses look terrible, or both defenses look good, and the injury-plagued San Diego Chargers trail the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 10-7 at halftime.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how bad things have gone for the San Diego Chargers today:

During their final drive, they were playing Chris Haiston at LG (in place of injured Orlando Franklin) and Trevor Robinson at C (in place of injured Chris Watt). D.J. Fluker, who started the game but then left it, came back mostly because the team doesn't have enough bodies to play a football game without him.

The only healthy offensive lineman on the bench for San Diego is Kenny Wiggins, should probably stay warm in the second half.

Until their final drive, during which Philip Rivers, Malcom Floyd, and Keenan Allen essentially dragged the offense 88 yards down the field for the a touchdown, "pathetic" or "embarrassing" would be the best descriptors for how the Chargers offense has looked.

On the other side of the ball, the health is just as bleak but the performance is better. Both Jason Verrett and Brandon Flowers are essentially out, although it's possible Verrett could return. Craig Mager, returning from injury and called into duty due to the injuries to Verrett and Flowers, is also questionable to return after getting injured himself.

Luckily, the Chargers have John Pagano, who has found a way to scheme his defense into one that actually looks stout. They held Adrian Peterson to 50 rushing yards in the first half and picked off Teddy Bridgewater (and should've had a second interception as well).

The Chargers are definitely in this one, but it may take a miracle for them to be healthy enough to pull off the road win.