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San Diego Chargers re-sign TE Kyle Miller

The San Diego Chargers need tight end depth and they found it in a guy that had previously made their 53 man roster.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This is interesting.

You knew this was probably coming at some point this year.

Kyle Miller made the team's 53-man roster, which means his salary for the year is guaranteed (Author's Note: Turns out I was wrong about this. This would've only been true if Miller was a "accrued veteran"). The team doesn't need to pay him twice to bring him in (although there's usually some small "signing bonus" included when the guy comes back), which makes him the cheapest option available. He also knows the play-book, has a rapport with the QB, and the coaches like him.

When the Chargers needed a TE, they were going to call Kyle Miller. What's interesting is that they're doing it now, over concerns about Ladarius Green's concussion.

I'm not saying they shouldn't have called him, but they're not exactly going to throw Green on IR, so who loses a roster spot if Kyle Miller is added? The offensive and defensive lines can't lose bodies, and there's not a lot of depth anywhere else.

My guess is that either a special team guy (Nick Dzubnar, Mike Windt) gets waived/released at least for a few weeks until Antonio Gates comes back and sorts out the TE position, or that the team finally makes the move to part ways with Donald Brown.