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Make Your Predictions: San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings

Pick the final score of Sunday's matchup between the Chargers and the Vikings in Minnesota.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Remember last week when I pointed out that BFTB was 8th in the SB Nation "blog standings" at predicting the score of the team's upcoming games, and I said that I'd like for us to be higher?

Well, we're not higher....which makes sense! We're all pretty optimistic, the blog audience, and so our picks are probably going to always be more in the realm of optimism than reality.

So, when the Chargers play really well, our predictions will be dead on. When they don't? Well, they won't be.

The good news here is that we've managed to stay at 8th. We didn't move back or forward. The only other blog to not change rankings one bit from Week 1 to Week 2? Baltimore Beatdown, a group of fans that is rooting on the 0-2 Ravens and wondering how they won the Super Bowl in the last few years. They are our brothers in consistency today.

This week, let's aim for 8th or better. No need to get crazy. There's plenty of time in the season to move up incrementally.