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CHARGERS INJURY NEWS: Chris Watt, Ladarius Green miss practice with injuries

The injuries just keep on coming for the San Diego Chargers, and now they're starting to hit parts of the roster that really can't afford to take another hit.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers were miraculously healthy during the preseason, which is great because there are a few places on the roster where they don't have much depth.

Let's hope that run of good health continues.


That seems bad.

Chris Watt, the starting center, has a groin injury. Those don't usually heal quickly, and it's especially crucial for him to be healthy while D.J. Fluker is injured.

Without either of them, Trevor Robinson likely gets the start at Center (without a backup to speak of), and Swing Tackle Chris Hairston gets another (hopefully not disastrous this time around) start at Guard. Yikes.

Also, what's this about Ladarius Green?


Two concussions in three weeks seems like it wouldn't be good for the brain.

Also, not that there's ever a good time to have a severe head injury, but this is a particularly bad time for Ladarius Green to have a severe head injury. Antonio Gates is still suspended for another two games, which means that either Green is playing groggy on Sunday or John Phillips (who didn't make the 53-man roster, by the way) is your starting Tight End.

So, about that injury luck...