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Norv Turner Week Brings Back Memories

As the Chargers prepare to take on the Minnesota Vikings and offensive coach Norv Turner this Sunday one of our staff writers took us back on a ride we really didn't want to go on. But we did it anyway.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

So a funny thing happened today.

I asked my fellow Bolts from the Blue writers and editors what is your favorite ‘I hate Norv Turner moment' because I wanted to write a story and re-visit the days of not so long ago.

Why would a sane person such as I do such a dumb thing like that? That's a good question, but it stems from the fact that the pitch forks have recently begun to get dusted off and seem to be making their way from the tool shed to the front yard. There are rumblings about Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy's seat getting a little warmer every passing day.

Maybe I just wanted to remember how bad it got before the McCoy took over.

So I asked my colleagues and here is a snippet of the conversation:

Writer 1: @rubenjay: punting on 4th and 10 from the NE 36 with 9 minutes left and trailing by 9 against NE in the 2008 AFC Championship Game.

Writer 2:  That was such a Mike McCoy decision by Norv.

Me: same team too. I gotta say running the ball on first down. Every first down.

Writer 3: @rubenjay: every single time that he'd call a 7 step drop with a wet-paper bag offensive line?

Writer 2: The draw on 4th & short (Ravens game).

Writer 3: ugh. That call was probably fine.

Writer 4: @rubenjay: Lol. A hate Norv Turner moment? From me?

Writer 2: Sure, missed block. But it was painful to watch.

Writer 5:@rubenjay: 2010 - losing in Oakland for the first time is sooooooo many wonderful years on 2 blocked punts.  During the week, Norval says that the teams' special teams' issues are "fixable".  Next week against the Rams, a FG is blocked with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  Bolts lose by 3.

Writer 3: that stupid Rams game...

Writer 6: ugggh ... my head hurts just remembering it ... for a number of reasons

Writer 4: Sorry, @rubenjay, I love Norv too much to slander him.

Writer 2: The Lions game might be the worst full game.

Writer 6: probably

Writer 5: Oh god -- that game was a travesty of football. The worst part of the Lions game was that it was so bad everyone thought Norval was going to be fired, but Dean-o brought him again...

Writer 7: Chargers Broncos November 27, 2011. Tied late, Norv opts not to try to drive from the SD 46. He claims he doesn't use the timeout to protect Rivers. In OT, he calls three runs from just inside FG range. Chargers get nothing from the runs and end up missing the FG. Tebow and McGahee drive for a game-winning FG.

Writer 2: The Kaeding game was also depressing.

Writer 9: @rubenjay: My fav Norv moment was when the Chargers lost to the Bucs (in 2012 I believe) & after the game someone questioned him about the toughness of the team & he snapped. I've never seen any emotion from him & to see him fly off the handle because someone asked a pretty non-threatening question was great. I think in that moment he came to the realization that HE was the problem not the players.

Writer 5: The 2009 pile of dog crap against the jets or another one?

Writer 2: 2010, 3 missed field goals.

I'm sure there are quite a few more ‘Favorite Hate Norv Moments' that we could all recall. This week the Chargers visit the Minnesota Vikings where Norv Turner is in his second year as that team's offensive coordinator. It should be noted that Turner was 56-40 with the Chargers overall but only 24-24 the past two seasons.

And while the Turner years will mostly be looked back at in frustration and what-ifs, he did keep RB Ladanian Tomlinson on a Hall of Fame pace. We really can't say how instrumental he was in guiding QB Philip Rivers to the player he is now. So though the seasons weren't capped off with Super Bowls and deep playoff runs, there were some good times during the Norv era.

This brings me back to San Diego's current coach. Yes, he's beginning to build a resume of decision making that anyone can question. But to those who are ready to bring the pitchforks to the next home game and call for McCoy's job, just remember it could be worse. We could be stuck in the Norv years.