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Squadcast: Every Chargers Loss is a Terrible Loss

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins break down the San Diego Chargers' Week 2 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, talk about what we know as fans after two games, and preview the matchup with Norv Turner and the Minnesota Vikings this week.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We back. It's a brand new Squadcast, with myself and Ben Higgins, now with less idle banter!

Click here to listen to this week's Squadcast

Ben and I break down the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, which was heartbreaking. Then, we explain why every San Diego Chargers loss is heartbreaking and none of them are ever "good losses". Also, I correctly identified the Defensive Coordinator for the Bengals, which is pretty impressive.

Later, tries to explain why he thinks Andy Dalton is a better QB than Teddy Bridgewater, but that argument is silly so he doesn't really get anywhere.

I go on some weird rant about how Mike McCoy is Norv Turner and Marvin Lewis is Marty Schottenheimer, and probably don't make any sense, so enjoy that. I think I'm actually about to have a cold because I'm making less sense than normal.

In the end, we make our score predictions for Sunday's game against the Vikings and try to find some reasons to believe in Coach McCoy.