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San Diego Chargers WR Tyrell Williams clears Waivers, signed to Practice Squad

The promising rookie wide receiver was waived on Saturday. He cleared waivers and has been signed to the Chargers Practice Squad.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody throw your hands in the air and shout to the deity of your choice, for it is time to rejoice:

All snark aside, it is rather good news that the Chargers were able to hold on to Tyrell Williams.

Williams has developed a bit of a following since joining the team this past spring, showing signs of promise as a rookie during the preseason. Many fans (some members of BFTB included) were pleased when Williams was signed to the 53-man roster. The team seemingly wanted to protect the young receiver from hitting the waiver wire.

With depth a concern heading to Cincinnati, the Chargers waived Williams on Saturday, taking the gamble that it would be easier for him to clear waivers at this point. Well, the gamble paid off and he did in fact clear waivers, and was signed to the Practice Squad.