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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers trail Cincinnati Bengals at Halftime

After a terrible half of football from the San Diego Chargers, they are still within one score of tying the Cincinnati Bengals. Could they forge another comeback?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Does this game remind any San Diego Chargers fans of last week's game against the Detroit Lions.

Again, at halftime, the Chargers look to be having a terrible game. Again, they have turned the ball over twice (once on a muffed punt by Keenan Allen, once on a fumble by Philip Rivers). However, down 8 points and receiving the kickoff after the half, San Diego is still very much in this one.

The Cincinnati Bengals, to their credit, look a lot better than the Detroit Lions. They've made some mistakes as well, but they've stuck to the running game (averaging 5.1 yards per carry) and they have enough weapons that they can get A.J. Green in one-on-one (which is why he has 45 receiving yards and a TD). Geno Atkins has just about destroyed Chris Hairston this game, as well.

Hopefully, we see the same kind of turnaround we saw from Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen at halftime last week, because San Diego will need the offense to get going if they're going to stand a chance at winning. 6 points per half isn't going to get it done against potential playoff teams.