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San Diego Chargers Inactives vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Another game and another few hours on the San Diego Chargers bench for Donald Brown and Ryan Carrethers.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that makes two weeks in a row in which the San Diego Chargers' highest paid Running Back got paid to sit on the sidelines in street clothes. That's not fun.

Jahleel Addae may be out for a while, at least based on the way his leg twisted on the play in which he was injured, but I guess we'll see.

It'll be interesting to see who is returning punts and kicks with Jacoby Jones out. My guess is that Keenan Allen returns the punts, but I'd loved to see Branden Oliver returning kicks. He has the moves and vision to turn those returns into big plays with the right blocking.

Tourek Williams, Johnnie Troutman and D.J. Fluker are all weeks away from being healthy, so them being inactive is no surprise.

Finally, I don't totally understand Ryan Carrethers being inactive again. I still maintain that he's the team's best Nose Tackle, but perhaps they run so little actual 3-man defensive lines that he's expendable? Either way, tough to see a talented guy not be able to contribute.