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ROSTER MOVE: San Diego Chargers sign OG/OT Kenny Wiggins

With injuries to Johnnie Troutman and D.J. Fluker, the San Diego Chargers signed an old friend back to the roster for some much-needed depth.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We knew it was coming, we just didn't know who it would be or when.

Kenny Wiggins is a guy that I thought would make the San Diego Chargers out of Training Camp. This will be his third year with the team, and he played well at both Guard and Tackle in the practices I saw this year as well as in the preseason.

The fact that Wiggins got the call-up over Tyreek Burwell could be a sign that the team prefers Wiggins right now, and was holding onto Burwell to keep him from being signed by another team. (Burwell eventually made it through waivers and was signed to the Chargers practice squad.) It could also just be a sign that Wiggins is a better fit at Guard, where the depth is needed more than at Tackle.

Either way, because Wiggins has no real experience at Center, I would expect that Chargers to roll with Chris Hairston as the starting RG next week. However, it still could be Chris Watt, with Trevor Robinson taking over at Center. Should Robinson get hurt, Watt could always slide over.

Somewhat interesting that the team decided to keep John Phillips over Kyle Miller, when last week they kept Miller over Phillips during roster cuts. Could be another example of them trying to hold on to the "project" guy and suddenly needing someone who could be ready to play in a game.