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Injury Update: San Diego Chargers G/T D.J. Fluker out 4-6 weeks with high ankle sprain

Starting RG D.J. Fluker went down with what appeared to be a very serious injury in yesterday's game, but it appears Fluker and the Chargers have dodged a bullet.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When starting RG D.J. Fluker went down in yesterday's game, it appeared to be a serious, and probably season ending, injury. Now that doctors have had a chance to take X-Rays and an MRI scheduled for today, it appears that Fluker and the team have dodged a bullet.

This does however create a tough roster situation for the Chargers. The team already has Johnnie Troutman and Tourek Williams sitting on the active roster, occupying 2 of the 53 spots while being unable to play. Adding Fluker to that group would be a tough pill to swallow.

The other option is the new(ish) IR designated to return. However, the rules there are that the injury must be significant enough that the player would "not be able to play for at least six weeks" AND the player would not be eligible to be able to return for at least 8 weeks.

So their choice is to either "waste" a roster spot for 4-6 weeks OR lose Fluker for a minimum of 8 weeks, of which he could possibly be "healthy" for up to half of that time and not able to play. This decision could be made easier depending on how good or bad the MRI looks today.