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One Man's San Diego Chargers Season Preview

Jerome Watson know what will happen this season for the San Diego Chargers, and he goes game-by-game to tell you how it's going to go.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Week 1 vs Detroit Lions: Chargers lose 27-12 (0-1)

Chargers get down early in this one and are in catchup mode as the ground game just can't get going. Philip Rivers reaches 30+ attempts but without balance, San Diego doesn't get it done. Lions take the season opener.

Week 2 at Cincinnati Bengals: Chargers win 24-14 (1-1)

Chargers travel to Cincy for an early game - 10 am. They loaded up on yards last week, this week they finish. Keenan Allen leads all wrs with 11 catches for over 105 yards. Bolts 1-1.

Week 3 at Minnesota Vikings: Chargers win 24-20 (2-1)

Chargers leave Cincinnati and head to Minnesota for yet another 10 o'clock game. Sheesh.

Norv Turner is waiting for this team and thinks this is the same defense he had when he was here. San Diego gets to Teddy Bridgewater six times and get out of the middle of nowhere with a win.

Week 4 vs Cleveland Browns: Chargers win 27-10 (3-1)

San Diego is building early season steam. Meanwhile Cleveland is running the single wing with direct snaps to one of their five tailbacks. Browns score on their first possession but not much of a contest after a while. Melvin Gordon notches his first 100 yard game.

Week 5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Chargers lose 30-35 (3-2)

A shootout on Sunday night football! San Diego had this one. Big Ben Roethlisberger delivers a late touchdown as San Diego needed a stop after a touchdown run by Branden Oliver puts them up by two. Defense is bad in this one but offensive enthusiats will have plenty to write about in the morning.

Week 6 at Green Bay Packers: Chargers lose 17-31 (3-3)

After letting one slip at home, San Diego has to fly out to play the undefeated Packers, just six days later. Chargers ground game is on a roll at this point but can't they match touchdown for touchdown with Green Bay. Bolts drop to 3-3.

Week 7 vs Oakland Raiders: Chargers win 27-16 (4-3)

San Diego's first divisional game and they are adamant about winning games in the division. Philip lights this defense up and is well over 70% completion percentage. The most complete game chargers fans have seen from this team.

Week 8 at Baltimore Ravens: Chargers win 19-12 (5-3)

San Diego notches their first solid road victory and beat a team that every sportscaster has picked to win the game. Chargers show they can grit and grind with best of them and get out of Maryland with a win. Keenan cooks every db that lined up against him.

Week 9 vs. Chicago Bears: Chargers win 24-13 (6-3)

San Diego hops out to a 14-0 lead in this one and just want to be sure they go into the bye week intact. The Bears get an early score but just manage to get two field goals in the second half. Chargers land is pleased as their team enters the bye at 6-3 and winner of three in a row.

Week 10 : bye week

Week 11 vs Kansas City Chiefs: Chargers lose 17-27 (6-4)

Chargers return from a bye on Sunday night football and lose to a hot Chiefs team. Chargers drop to 1-1 in the division and are kicking themselves for coming out flat after a bye and letting another AFC game get away from them. I continue to send my mom to voicemail.

Week 12 at Jacksonville Jaguars: Chargers win 31-10 (7-4)

Chargers are just better. Though Jacksonville isn't a good team, you see what it looks like when the entire team is on the same page. Rivers gets 3 tds and the Chargers defense gets two interceptions, one of which gets taken to the house.

Week 13 vs Denver Broncos: Chargers lose 28-23 (7-5)

Here goes that roller coaster ride that McCoy's teams go on. Chargers are 1-2 after the bye, and though they aren't out of it at 7-5, losing two division games in matter of three weeks hurts like hell.

Week 14 at Kansas City Chiefs: Chargers lose 28-20 (7-6)

This is becoming tough. No way to begin december football. Chargers open the month with a loss and Chargers fans are at each others throats. They remember the 1-3 finish to the year in 2014. The panic is beginning to set in.

Week 15 vs Miami Dolphins: Chargers lose 27-21 (7-7)

Miami is rolling and positioning themselves for the playoffs. These games are always good ones and the score indicates that. Miami has a bit more and squeak out a win on their home field as miller tops 100 yards on San Diego's defense.

Week 16 at Oakland Raiders: Chargers win 21-12 (8-7)

Chargers go into Oakland on this Thursday night and take care of business. At 8-7, they know it's technically a winning year but know they need a win and help to play past the third.

Week 17 at Denver Broncos: Chargers lose 21-30 (8-8)

Denver has the division locked but is playing for the top seed in the AFC. This isn't a relax week for them, they need this and handle their business. San diego ends year at 8-8 with a 2-4 record in the division.

That's eight wins on the year, one less from 2014. Chargers aren't a losing team but missing the playoffs sure make fans feel like it. They look on to 2016