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San Diego Chargers Sign TE John Phillips (Again)

The San Diego Chargers are already running low on Tight Ends, so they brought back one of the more surprising roster cuts from last week to fill the void.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I've had my eye on two guys that were cut by the San Diego Chargers last week surprisingly: Nick Novak and John Phillips.

Neither of them signed with another NFL team, and both had been with the Chargers for multiple years. Phillips, specifically, was brought in by Tom Telesco. I expected that, should the Chargers need a kicker or a tight end, one of those guys would be right back with the team.

Well, it appears the Chargers are already down the top two tight ends for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions. So, why not call Phillips, who everyone knows and who already knows the offense very well?

For clarification, I have no idea if Phillips has been signed to the practice squad or the 53-man roster. Either way, the team would have had to remove someone from the team to make room for him. However, I do know that Phillips would not be practicing with the team without a contract, so expect news of the roster move to come out soon.

UPDATE: Bye, Tyreek Burwell.