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INJURY NEWS: San Diego Chargers place Chris Davis on IR

As part of today's moves to get down to 75 players on the roster, the San Diego Chargers have placed CB Chris Davis on IR with a concussion.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The team will place CB Chris Davis on IR today.

Davis had suffered a concussion during the 2nd preseason game this season and had not practiced since. Davis also missed 4 games during the 2012 college season, while he was playing for Auburn, with what was described as a "particularly severe concussion."

Davis was looking good as a possibility to make the roster as he is familiar with the system and has return experience. He appeared in 12 games last season finishing with 15 tackles and 1 pass defended on defense, while averaging 25.1 yards per kick return.

This was a smart move by the team, letting Davis recover from his concussion without taking up a roster spot and without having to release him. Davis was not eligible for the practice squad since he appeared in 12 games last year (the limit is 8 games).

The move will likely heat up the competition at CB for the 5th (and maybe 6th if the team decides to keep 6) spot on the depth chart.