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San Diego Chargers make 4 moves to get down to 75

The team made 4 more moves today to meet the 75 player limit due by 4pm EST today.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With the cut day deadline arriving and NFL teams making final moves to get rosters down to 75 players, the Chargers made 4 additional moves today. Those players are:

  • CB Chris Davis
  • WR Torrence Allen
  • OL Melvin Meggs
  • S Gordon Hill

All four players were Waived - Injured, which means if they fall through waivers unclaimed, they will be added to the team's Reserved-Injured list, where they will likely join rookie Brock Hekking.

Only Davis is a surprise here, and we talked about him earlier. The other three saw limited field time in the first 3 preseason games and didn't manage to show much in practice.

The team plays their final preseason game, versus the San Francisco 49ers, on Thursday night which will be the final audition for players trying to make the regular season 53 man roster or make a case to be added to the 10 player practice squad. Teams must have their roster down to 53 players by Saturday the 5th.