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Let's hang out at Chargers Fan Fest 2015

San Diego Chargers football has brought us all together online. Now, it's time for it to bring us all together in person. Yes, seriously.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Every year we do this and every year it turns okay alright, so we're doing it again!

I, along with a handful of writers and regular commenters for BFTB, will be attending San Diego Chargers Fan Fest 2015 at Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday to watch the team practice in pads.

We'll be hanging outside the stadium at the Jack Murphy statue (near the trolley stop) between 9:30am-10am, so come say hi and then walk in and sit with us. We'd love to meet you, even if we'll undoubtedly come across as awkward and a little rude (sorry, we're bloggers).

If you have kids, bring them and do the autograph thing. I do not, so I mostly go so that I can hang out in some seats in the shade and analyze what's going on at practice. It's a good time.

Here's the Facebook event for the meetup (Please join!)

By now, you guys have seen my face enough that you should be able to pick me out if I'm standing near a statue for a half hour, but if you need some help....just ask in the comments. I'm sure they have plenty of pictures of me.

We're looking forward to meeting all of you that can come by on Saturday!