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Chargers-Seahawks final score: Chargers lose exhibition game 15-16 on last second field goal

The San Diego Chargers escaped another preseason game without any starters appearing to suffer a longterm injury.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The game started on a positive note with Nick Novak kicking a touchback and the defense holding strong thanks to quality play from Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes.

Melvin Gordon flashed decent hands on a short pass. He made something out of nothing a few times. He also hesitated behind the line and looked lost in pass protection. It's preseason, though, and even Danny Woodhead who is usually flawless in pass protection whiffed badly and got Philip Rivers hit (Philip appeared to air him out).

Orlando Franklin's absence was noticeable. Jeremiah Sirles was beat right from the snap repeatedly. Chris Watt had his worst game of the preseason. He was bullied on occasion. He also left the game for a moment due to injury before returning.

Rivers looked good whenever he had time. He got the most help from Stevie Williams and Keenan Allen. Both looked tremendous. In one scary moment, Rivers went to the locker room early after hitting his hand on a defender, but he was interviewed in the second half and said he was okay and would have stayed in the game had this not been preseason.

Defensively, Ingram still looks much improved this preseason. Donald Butler made one really excellent stop against the run that looked like a different human being from the man that wore 56 last season. Kyle Emanuel looks like a seasoned veteran already. Get your jerseys now.

Kellen Clemens came in to start the second half. He threw some ugly passes and generally looked like Kellen Clemens except for one solid effort where he escaped pressure and made a good dumpoff pass. Javontee Herndon flashed his terrific speed on a beautiful endaround that went for big yardage.

Branden Oliver continued to show that he is a better player than he was just one year ago. This included taking the aforementioned dumpoff pass from Clemens all the way to the house 70 yards. It was a thing of beauty, especially the stiff arm. Mike McCoy then went for 2 to remind us we were watching a preseason game.

Rusell Wilson and other 1s started the second half for Seattle and were held to a field goal by the Chargers' 2s who acquitted themselves well. Craig Mager, in particular, looked like an NFL cornerback multiple times.

In the 4th quarter, Brad Sorensen looked better than Clemens while leading the 3s to a field goal. Tyrell Williams and Dreamius Smith both made impressive plays on the drive. That field goal was a 52-yarder converted by Nick Novak who celebrated like a man that is trying to keep his job.

A late 3rd down stop by an Adrian Phillips blitz forced a 58-yard field goal attempt which the Seahawks kicker came up short on. Unfortunately, even later 45 (whose name I refuse to look up) whiffed on a tackle on 4th down and the Seahawks put themselves into field goal range. A few plays later, they lined up for a 60-yard kick and Hauschka banged it home. That was all she wrote.