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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: August 28, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers tops NFL QB rankings - Gordon McGuinness
Like Roethlisberger, Rivers doesn’t always get the credit he deserves, though this is partly due to his subpar 2012 season in which it looked like he was on a very steep decline. He’s bounced back since, however, leading the league with an accuracy percentage of 78.7 percent in 2013. Obviously, the Chargers recognize how valuable he is as well, given his recent contract extension.

Dartmouth's invincible football robot is good but probably capable of evil - Clarie McNear
Built by the Dartmouth engineering school, the "Mobile Virtual Player" -- MVP! Get it? -- is designed to allow players to practice tackling without actually tackling one another and risking concussion or other injuries. It provides a more dynamic solution than traditional dummies, which are stationary or track-bound and lack the artificial intelligence to convincingly imitate opposing football players or to wage war on humanity.

Austin Pettis climbing Chargers' depth chart - Eric Williams
"For me, I’m just trying to go out there and be as consistent as possible and gain the coaches' trust, and that’s just day in and day out," Pettis said. "That’s been my goal since I got here."

Mailbag: What is the Value of the Preseason? - Ricky Henne
Even though you praise players when praise is deserved, you correct when things need to be corrected.  That’s part of coaching. Just because someone has success doesn’t mean you don’t want them to feel it. If he’s doing a great job, it’s going to be known.  We’re going to let him know he’s doing a great job. Other than that, the preseason is still 11 on 11. They put 11 guys across from us and they have to go play.

Chargers ILB Nick Dzubnar credits ice hockey for his physicality - Annie Heilbrunn (video)
Annie Heilbrunn and Andrew Burer break down the Chargers kicking competition, the cornerback depth (or lack thereof), and the offensive line’s progress as the team prepares to take on the Seahawks in week three of the preseason.

Chargers rookie excites team's veterans - Tom Krasovic (UT$) (h/t KeeperOfProphecies)
"I'm going to be the true, old school linebacker -- a 'plug-up-all-the-holes, run guy,' " he said with a laugh. Actually, he wore gloves in college. Weeks ago, after giving gloves to a Chargers fan, he decided to go bare. "I ended up liking it a lot," he said. "Now everyone gives me (grief) for not wearing them. So, I can't wear gloves because I've gotten so much attention for not wearing gloves."