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San Diego Chargers Twitter Q&A: 2015 Season Predictions

I didn't know what to write about, so I took questions from Chargers twitter for a while and answered them here.

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It's been a long time since I did an impromptu Q&A on Twitter. That's not even exaggerating, I think it's been almost two years. I felt like doing one today, though, so I did. Here we go:

I usually like to give ranges, because I like to factor in injuries, but you're saying the team is going to stay healthy at an average to above-average level? I'm going 12-4, at least. This San Diego Chargers team doesn't have a lot of weaknesses.

Their 26 sacks was among the worst in the league last season, but that was without Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu for much of the season. Dwight Freeney got close but didn't put up big numbers, and getting to the QB wasn't really Jarret Johnson's job.

Tops in the league last year was 54 (by the Buffalo Bills!), and I don't think the Chargers jump quite that high. I think 40 sacks, which would make them around league average, can be expected.

That's not to say I haven't been impressed by Ingram and Attaochu and Kyle Emanuel (and Cordarro Law) this preseason, just that I expect Pagano to get more conservative when the season starts.

Your mom kept me busy.

Because they get their friends to build them rather than spending the money to have a professional do it.

I think so. He's already had a pretty big impact, if you look at the development of Kyle Emanuel and Melvin Ingram, not to mention the rejuvenated Donald Butler.

Bad. They're probably only keeping three non-starting linemen on the roster, and those guys look to be Chris Hairston, Trevor Robinson, and Kenny Wiggins. Huey has been fine, but those guys have the clear upper-hand.

I actually do. He's filling Eddie Royal's role, which is a spot that ends up open near the end zone an awful lot. I think Stevie Johnson is better than Royal, so i'm expecting no drop off.

This year? Two.

I'd love to say it's because they're trolling me, but the better answer is that preseason depth charts are about as useful as preseason injury reports (which don't exist). I think the team hasn't updated the depth chart because they realize that there's really no point in doing so.

Another theory, that I believe just as much, is that D.J. Fluker is the logical choice (for this coaching staff, anyway) to move to RT if there's an injury to King Dunlap or Joe Barksdale. Camp odds say that someone is going to get hurt somewhere, and they probably don't want to move Fluker to Guard just to have him move back to Tackle the next week as a backup plan.

I'm mostly guessing here, but....

Titus Davis, Nick Dzubnar, Forrestal Hickman, Michael Huey, Josh Lambo, Ryan Mueller, Dreamius Smith, and Tyrell Williams have all proven to be good enough to be practice squad players, but that doesn't mean they'll land on San Diego's practice squad. Most team's practice squad is filled with players that are cut from other teams.

Anyway, out of that group, I honestly think Lambo has the best chance to make the team. Speaking of....

My vote is Lambo, but I'm also insane and allergic to long-term relationships. That being said, as I said during the Squadcast yesterday, I would like Lambo to get a 4-week test while the team waits for Antonio Gates to return to see how much he helps the team.

Pretty much any team with a Pro Bowl-level QB is talented enough to make it to the Super Bowl with some luck, so yes. Absolutely.

I hate this question because it's so good. I have no idea how to answer it.

I'm going with Melvin Gordon. I don't think he'll lead the RBs in total yards, nor do I think he'll lead the RBs in touchdown carries, but I do think he'll end up leading the team in rushing yards.