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Squadcast: That new "Ben and John" Chargers podcast

DO adjust your podcast radio dials, as what was formerly "the BFTB Podcast" has officially moved and changed names.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I have some good news and, well, some more good news.

First, the Squadcast. If you liked Ben Higgins and myself chatting about San Diego Chargers football in the BFTB/10 News collaboration podcast last season, you'll love the Squadcast.....because it's pretty much the same thing. The only differences, besides the name, is that the podcast is a part of the Mighty 1090 podcast network (instead of BFTB Radio) and that we'll often times veer a little off course and not be so strict in talking about the Chargers and only the Chargers.

Cool? Cool.

Here is the link to today's episode, in which we rant and rave about Mike Nolan while also talking about movies and D.J. Fluker.

If you would like to subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast player, you can find the RSS feed here.

As for the Squadcast being on Stitcher or iTunes or whatever....I'm working on it, should I ever find the time to do so. For now, you can listen to it in the Mighty 1090 app by going to Podcasts and looking in the "1090 Off the Air" section. We'll add a Squadcast section soon.

Here's the other good news: The BFTB Podcast is not dead. Rumors of its demise are false.

I'll be bringing it back this year, with a new co-host and a reworked format. It's going to be a ton of fun. Look for that to come out sometime in the next few days.