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San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon not expected to play vs. Arizona Cardinals

The San Diego Chargers rookie running back, their first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and the anointed starter at the position, will miss tomorrow night's game with an ankle injury.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This stinks. Not because "Oh my god, what a bust!" but because Melvin Gordon needs reps.

I've said this a few times in a few different places, but I was underwhelmed by the amount of carries I saw the first round draft pick getting in practice during Training Camp and I believe it led to his hesitation during the Cowboys game last week.

I have no idea if Melvin Gordon is going to be a great running back, or a good one, or a bad one. At this point, he's probably none of the above. However, what it appears to me that he needs to get better is reps, and him missing this game puts him another week behind schedule in getting those reps.

This will, however, put the team in an interesting position.....

I imagine Branden Oliver gets those carries Oliver is leaving on the field with the first team, and Donald Brown will get a more extended chance to prove me wrong with the second team. Let's see how those two things play out, because in addition to some people believe Donald Brown should be released, some others are already pushing for Gordon to take a backseat to Oliver in his first season. Maybe he earns that spot.