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San Diego Chargers Announce 2015 Team Captains

The San Diego Chargers have two new captains heading into this season, and one hold-over captain that will make some fans scratch their heads.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers have announced their team captains for the upcoming season and they are....


Philip Rivers
King Dunlap


Eric Weddle
Corey Liuget

Special Teams:

Darrell Stuckey

Well, I was right in predicting that Dunlap would take over the captain's C from Nick Hardwick as the captain of the offensive line. And while it's just a continuation of what has gone on for years now, it's a little surprising to see Eric Weddle named a team captain when the Chargers know he won't be back with the team after this season.

So, why make Weddle a captain? Two reasons, actually.

  1. The coaches are not the ones making the decision on his contract, and Tom Telesco doesn't choose captains. In fact, captains are chosen by the coaches and the veterans in the locker room, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Anything can happen! Literally. One of those infinite possibilities that the future provides is a reconciliation between the team and its star Safety before free agency next offseason.

Liuget as captain may actually be the most notable thing here, as he takes over that role from the now-retired Jarret Johnson.

UPDATE: This was dumb.