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Philip Rivers signs 4-year contract extension with San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers will spend at least the next five NFL seasons as the starting QB for the San Diego Chargers, which is great news for everybody.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So much for deadlines? Philip Rivers had said a few weeks ago that if a deal wasn't done by time the preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys rolled around, that he would go into next offseason as a free agent.

The San Diego Chargers, in response, said that they were willing to give Rivers a 3-year guaranteed deal. Apparently, the two sides were able to work on that fourth year and get everyone to a place where they were comfortable.

Considering Ben Roethlisberger got $31 million in his contract extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's safe to say that Rivers and his agent won this negotiation.

I'm going to ignore the obvious "He might be playing out the last few years of the contract in Los Angeles" rhetoric and go straight to how this will help the team next offseason if they choose to use that franchise tag on Eric Weddle.

The best news of all, though, is that this probably means that Rivers will start-and-finish his career as a Charger, so you can keep those jerseys you've purchased and wear them proudly for years to come.