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Open Thread: Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half (Preseason)

The first team players played pretty well for the San Diego Chargers before putting on their street clothes and hanging out on the sidelines.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers hold a 14-7 lead in a meaningless preseason game, and Branden Oliver looks to be even better than he was last year. He also seems to be ahead of Donald Brown on the depth chart.

Philip Rivers will finish the game a perfect 2-2 for 20 yards, and Danny Woodhead's only touch ended in an 8 yard touchdown run, so the first team offense seems fine.

Kellen Clemens, as per usual, looked terrible but will probably be the team's backup QB this season anyway.

Kyle Emanuel, who I predicted to lead the league in sacks this preseason, got a sack early and then forced a fumble that the Chargers recovered. He's having himself a very solid game.

Jahleel Addae is leading the defense in tackles, but doesn't seem to be playing particularly well. It'll be interesting to see what Jimmy Wilson can do with the snaps he gets in the second half.

What we're looking for in the second half: No injuries.